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TV Line: Regina spoilers


Can you give us any scoop on Once Upon a Time’s Regina, please? We need something to cheer us up! –Ana
Well, when I asked The Boys about the Regina/Robin Hood/Marian love triangle presumably on tap for Season 4, Adam Horowitz was quick to retort, “Who says we’re doing a love triangle?” He then explained, “Hopefully it becomes less about the relationship itself and more about Regina [and] open[s] the door to who she is and what she’s going to become.” (Anything further on the topic will have to wait for TVLine’s Fall Preview Spectacular, coming soon.)


Altough IIRC Adam and Eddie did not consider the Emma-Neal-Hook triangle a love triangle either, instead something about Emma opening up in her emotions and so. And I bet they did not consider the Mary-Margaret-David-Kathryn triangle a triangle either, instead a proof that True Lovers always find each other and they conquer every obstacle along the way. That said I’ll be happy if the story will be mainly about Regina deciding who she wants to be (unless she wants to be a mass murderer evil villainess, because after so mauch growth that would be disappointing). As long as she further grows I couldn’t be happier. (Well, that is not entirely true. I hope we’ll get angsty/hot/intense with sexual chemistry/longing/smitten/cute scenes with Regina and a certain outlaw.)

Agree with you about how A&E don’t see love triangles even tho they’re there. I hope we get a better option for Regina. Robin Hood is so boring. If I can’t have SwanQueen at least hire some men with talent or hire better writers….. Only the women seem to be able to have good roles on this show.

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30 days until the Queen’s return

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I feel like I need this shirt/or tank top or whatever…


I feel like I need this shirt/or tank top or whatever…

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Regina & Henry  | All The Little Things: ‘Stand By Me’

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'Once Upon A Time' Set (August 19, 2014)
HQs (new ones) @ Lana Parrilla Daily

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Dear SQ fans: JMo & LP don’t deserve you


This is probably going to make me very unpopular, but I’ll say it anyway: Lana Parrilla and Jen Morrison do not deserve SQ fans.

They don’t deserve you. Yes, you.

You are passionate, talented, funny, smart and loyal people, and you’ve been dismissed or ignored by them. At best. And yet fans…

Okay, look. I’m gonna say my piece, and then I’m gonna walk away, because I know we know we’re not gonna convince the other about shit, so:

Actors—but especially actresses—make their bread and butter by being either a) really fucking talented, b) really fucking attractive, or c) having a personality that they can sensationalize and sell.

You can have any of these in any varying amounts, but all actors make a decision, conscious or otherwise, of the degrees to which they will be seen and known for. Now, obviously one can’t create talent out of thin air, but you can be decisive in what roles you choose. For a slightly different, but still very relevant  example of this is Peter Dinklage. He is by no means the only small person who can act, but he made a decision to only accept certain roles, and now he’s the “real actor” casting directors think of when the part calls for it.

So how does this relate to Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison.

Well, I’ll tell you right now. Lana Parrilla is gonna be feeling the burn of “The Evil Queen” and getting typecast (if she’s lucky) or getting pigeon holed into the feisty Latina-but-not-too-Latina cougar (if she’s not). Jennifer Morrison I think still has dreams of working the silver screen, and bless her, she’s got the talent for it, but alas she’s Hollywood old, and it’s probably not gonna happen.

I know it’s rough to accept, but you don’t get to decide what their hopes and goals and dreams are. And if those goals and hopes and dreams mean they have to be super fucking careful about the things they say and special interest hills their gonna die on that is the reality of making a living in show business.

You said it yourself, it’s fucking business. But that means food on their tables and a roof over their head.

Jamine Murray is a British actress who managed to snag a SAG card and realized she could make a niche for herself in genre television. If that means pandering to the lesbians, then by god she will do it because having an American SAG card with steady American pay is well—we pay better for our talent then the Brits do, let’s put it that way.

That said, Jamie Murray isn’t getting roles with SyFy because she has a loyal lesbian following—however dedicated you all may be—she’s getting roles there because she made connections at SyFy and proved she could play ball juuuuuuuust enough to have a looser leash.

That gag order/morals clause (the one that’s in every actors’ contracts)? Probably a lot scarier then you seem to think it is. These are Disney owned properties, and they’ve JUST introduced the Frozen characters. Disney isn’t gonna let a we-pay-you-to-look-pretty-and-speak-the-words-we-put-in-your-mouth actress bring a big gay controversy down on their heads, pissing off the flyover states where television makes most of its money back. And if you are said actress, the stakes are even higher. Anyone is replaceable. Anyone

Worst still, you don’t piss off Disney. If you piss off Disney you will never work in this town again.

Bottom line is: These women don’t owe you or anyone else shit and they have every right to make calculated political decisions to ensure they continue to be hireable in an insanely demanding and cutthroat industry.

The the end of the day, they are people. They have their own lives and worries, they have sick grandparents or whatever.

Not everyone gets to be Ellen Page, not everyone can be Orlando Jones. Not everyone can make that call, to blaze forward and lay it out on the line, to crusader for things that are right and valid. Because despite however right or valid it is, actors are rarely ever the one’s with the power (other than very, very, VERY rare instances).

Would it be nice? Sure.

But save your ire for the companies and the lawyers who write the paychecks.


People literally do not understand how the business works. Because it is a business. It is a BUSINESS.

I am an actor. I will preface my comments with that. I will also preface all of this with the fact that I am mainly a stage actor which is its own thing entirely, but there is a definite reason for my choice to be on stage. And it’s because Hollywood is a different scene.

It is 100% about how you play the game. And it’s not your game. It’s theirs. And yes, that’s the executives, the lawyers, and yes a lot of them are white men, and yes it’s all so fucked up. But this is the reality of it. You want to act? You want to be successful? You want to secure your spot in the business? You play the game and you play it fucking well and you know the rulebook back to front. And you learn the new rules that catch you off guard and make you angry, because you want a job.

And let’s be completely honest, Ellen Page is high up at this point. She’s paid probably less dues than Lana, if we’re being honest, but she’s got job security. She’s, to use a gross term, up there on the A-List with Meryl Streep. You know who isn’t? Lana Parrilla. You know who also isn’t? Jennifer Morrison. Does that make them less lovable to us? Of course fucking not. But it means that their position as a working actor is compromised by the fact that people are not clambering over each other to offer them roles in Oscar-worthy blockbusters, okay? Do we understand that?

Furthermore, this is their job. It is a job. It is lucky that Lana loves her Evil Regals like she does and that JMo also loves her Ugly Ducklings like she does. But when they get up and go to set or go to an interview or do a phone interview or a photoshoot or anything, that is work, that is their job. That’s like you getting in the car or the train or the bus to go be a cashier or an investment banker or a doctor or a sales associate. And when you go to work, you have a boss. And the company that you work for probably has a lengthly and specific code of conduct. Because as their employee, you represent them. You can get fired for swearing on the sales floor, mistreating a coworker, talking back to your boss. It’s the same fucking thing when you’re an actor. You have several bosses, some of whom could take away your entire future, okay? Do you see?

As actors, as public figures, Jen and Lana have a responsibility to behave a certain way when they interact with their fans. And I am by no means saying that it is not genuine, because it is. They appreciate their fans, they love their fans, without those fans, they also would not be employed. But here’s the thing, they go home at night and we don’t know who they are and what they think or what they feel. We don’t know their opinions or their lives, let’s not assume that we do. As human beings, they do not owe any of us anything. And as actors, their responsibility is first to their employers. And by employers, I don’t mean Adam and Eddy either. So let’s knock that off too. Because they also have bosses. At the network. Who could take away everything. 

It’s literally like, say you’re working at McDonald’s, right? Someone comes in and says they hate your fake chicken bullshit. It’s full of ammonia and it’s disgusting and how dare you. How. Dare. You.


Do you see what I’m saying? I got a little impassioned and weird for a minute there. I will not apologize.

So you smile and say I’m sorry and try to fix the problem.

We as actors are in a service industry. It is a service that we are doing. We are entertaining you. We are entertaining the networks and companies and we are pandering to everybody. 99% of the time. We are serving others. Playing by their rules and playing their game so we can act. So we can tell stories.

I’m sure this was super eloquent. The most eloquent. Everybody go away.

This 100 times over. Especially about the ammonia nuggets LOL since I’m a vegan. I know there’s no use to complaining to people on the lower levels, it’s not their fault. I’ll keep watching the show for Regina because I love her anyway, but the show has become terrible and I no longer “support” it because it’s really boring with only flickers of brilliance. I don’t think I even blame Adam/Eddie for that anymore either because after all it is network television. The men in suits probably have all the writers by the balls and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The suits in power do what they know always sells and that means repeating the same tired, non-risky scenarios over and over again for the general public.

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lana parrilla of evil queen on set [ouat] was accompanied by jennifer morrison -19.08.14- (x)

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